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Port Said

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Port Name
  Lat 31° 15' N; Long 32° 18' E
Port Authority
  Port Said Port Authority, Moustafa Kamel and Azmey Street, Port Said, Tel: (66) 223892 & 236941, Fax: (66) 235913
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ball.gif (357 bytes) Dry Dock
ball.gif (357 bytes) General Cargo
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ball.gif (357 bytes) Petroleum
ball.gif (357 bytes) Other liquid bulk
ball.gif (357 bytes) Ro/Ro
ball.gif (357 bytes) Towage (Where available from port)
  Dry bulk
Port Name
Lat 29° 58' N; Long 32° 33' E
Port Authority
  Red Sea Ports Authority, PO Box 1, Port Tawfik, Suez, Eygpt. Tel: 02 (062) 331123, 331124, Fax: 02 (062) 331117
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ball.gif (357 bytes) Bunkers
ball.gif (357 bytes) Containers
ball.gif (357 bytes) Dry Dock
ball.gif (357 bytes) General Cargo
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Other liquid bulk
Towage (Where available from port)
Dry bulk

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About Port SaidSite Map




Port-Said was founded in 1859 by the Suez Canal Company shortly after excavation on the canal commenced In 1976, Port-Said was declared the free zone. The exemption of sellable internationally imported goods from custom duties and taxes greatly favored the expansion of tourism in the area. Economic life and Harbour activities are closely linked to the existence of the canal: shipping agencies, import-export firms, many imported merchandises. A new port is now being constructed east of Port-Fouad.

After establishing East Port Said Zone, it will become of the biggest and important Hub Ports in the world to control the international trade between East and West.

Tourism is particularly developed in Port-Said: Mediterranean cruises regularly call at Port-Said, and there are many hotels of various categories in town, as well as touristy villages. The western coast of Port-Said is an especially important touristy area where two touristy villages have already been constructed.

Port-Said has good transport links to the country's major cities by road and railway. There are two main roads: one connects Port Said and Cairo via Ismailia, and the other roads west connecting Port-Said with the cities of the Nile Delta via Damietta.

Due to its location at the entrance to the Suez Canal, Port-Said derives its main sources of income from the port and canal operations. The city has the distinct European flair which is reflected in the building style and the way of living of the city's inhabitants.
The Egyptian International Trade Point Affiliated to The World Trade Point Federation (WTPF), an international non-governmental organization established in 2000, grew out of an innovative programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Through a network of more than 120 trade information and facilitation centres, known as Trade Points.

About Port Said free Zone & Trading :

It has been started establishment in 1974, now it has many working and under establishment enterprises investment, industrial and transit ..The free Zone advantages :-

    1. The rent rate of project land 3 US$/m2 yearly.
    2. The adjacency of the port and customs house.
    3. Subsistence of investment authority branch in the free zone area.
    4. The customs duty and taxes exemption for all projects.
    5. The variety of projects activities (Textiles, Garments, Foot Wear, chemicals ... etc.).

Port Said had suffered a lot from all wars in Egypt since Pharos till Islamic conquest and at the end the 6th of October war.. So all the governments rolled Egypt believed that they must compensate Port Said.

So, in 1975 Port Said was declared a free zone, But the free zone became a consuming zone. In these years no one impose the great abilities of Port Said, which qualifies it to be a huge industrial center .so when Port Said declared as a free zone that opened the gates for the Egyptians, Arabian and foreign investors to come and start business in Port Said and that created thousands of employment opportunities. And we must imagine the situation in Port Said after the commercial depression - which made a great unemployment - with out the Free zone area .of course it prepared thousands of trained workers and administrators.

The success of the projects pushed investors to start new projects and that helps to create more and more employment and also increase the income of the labor in these projects. Of course, the Free Zone was the key to find the treasure called Egyptians.

  • Because it's an exporting area, in addition to it's nearness of the port which facilities the importing and exporting operations.

  • All benefits of free zone projects are free of all tax laws in Egypt.

  • Free zone projects can not nationalized or confiscated. Also, can not be put under custody and can not place the assets under guardianship.

  • No authority can define the benefits of the prices of the products.

  • Ampleness of trained and ordinary labor with law salaries than other free zones.

  • The rent of the meter for industrial projects is $3.5 yearly for land with complete public utilities for warehousing projects the rent is $7 yearly.

  • All assets and production requirement for the free zone are free of taxes.

  • Free zone projects pays only 1% from the value of the commodities, which enter the free zone (Transit trade is exempted).

  • For assembling projects, the government called 1% about just the value of assembling or producing operations.

The free zone area is located in the southern gate of the city it contains a net of main and sub roads presented 21000m. a net of pipes it's long is 12887m with 16:18 inch radius- projects owner makes sub links from the main net to their projects. Also, there are deflation pipe it's long is 12000m, which voids in the void station of the city.

The government now is renewing the deflation net so it can handle any future increasing and now the government is preparing the c zone south port-said it's total area is 16,000m.

A huge electric station provides the zone with its need of electricity.

The zone provides all projects with its need of international and national telephone and faxes conciliating to the best international service level.

There are special custom offices inside the zone.

It has been started establishment in 1974, now it has many working and under establis

  • Fill in the form from the free zone administration.

  • The project presented to the technical committee for free zone affairs to have initially agreement, then the project presented to the administration Council of the free zone to have a final agreement to start the project.

  • At last you get the land with complete infrastructure.




Total area

Specified Area for projects






Storage and refrigeration








Public utilities








  • Total projects is 133-123 free zone system - 9 special free zone system - 57 of the more industrial projects - 33 of them already working - 11 under construction - 13 initially agreement.


  • 73 storing projects - 63 of them already working - 7 under construction - 3 initially agreement.


  • Services - 3 projects marine and petroleum services.


  • Capital of port-said free zone projects is 242 Million $ with 421 Million $ investment cost.
  • Labor: the permanent laborer is 10180 with 11 Million $ salaries average of the salary is 1080$ per worker. Also, there are 5000 temporary workers.Their salary is 218 Million$.
  • Total exports of the area 114 Million $ - industrial projects presented 65% Of that amount that means 74 Million $. Total agreement exports in 98 about 68$ that presented 92% of total industrial projects exports.

Suez Canal Transit Dues as of 1/3/2012 new Suez Canal Tariff

About Port Said Port Authority

“Due to the importance of Ports and their vital roles in the national economy, Port Said Port Authority (PSPA), the Chairman and the staff, gives optimal priority for the development of ports under jurisdiction of Port Said Port Authority. The view is to turn these ports into distribution and attraction centers for international trade and shipping lines, making use of their unique locations and the growing increase in number of giant ships and the international trade.”
        Having this end as our prime priority, Port Said Port Authority is very keen to develop its ports to be able to match international ports development; compete globally in international maritime port industry; to attract a portion of world maritime trade market and major global shipping lines, whose key routes already pass through Suez Canal, taking full advantage of the strategic locations of PSPA ports. This also aims to make these ports as international transshipment and distribution centers; establish valued added investment and industries and creating job opportunities for the youth.
“From here the idea of developing Port Said East Port came into existence, which was recently inaugurated by (
President Mobarak ) in December 2004, and the port already achieved the best handling performance rates after one year of operation, taking full advantage of strategic location of the port on international trade route and most advanced operation tools, state of the art technology and efficient operating procedures.”
I wish to you nice callings at Port Said Ports and fruitful services.
We will not say that we deliver the best services,
but we will invite you to come and see us work.

Download :

" PORT SAID EAST PORT the engine for economic growth ", American Chamber of commerce in Cairo 15/11/2006.

" MOTOR WAY OF THE SEA ", Alexandria Port 23/11/2006

" MARITIME INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM ", Sheraton Cairo 26-27/11/2006.

Prequalification  document  for  investors  at  Port  Said  East  Port ( Multipurpose terminal )- arabic.

Prequalification  document  for  investors  at  Port  Said  East  Port ( Multipurpose terminal )- english.

Port Said East Port is Rotterdam of Mediterranean

Firstly ; About the port :

     The port is situated at the Northern entrance of the Suez Canal, on the international navigation route, in the middle of trade route between North and South, located at the crossroad of the most important world sea trade route Between East and Europe via Suez Canal, moreover it's the most important hub port in the world.

The port is bordered, seaward, by an imaginary line extending  from the western breakwater boundary till the eastern breakwater end from the seaward direction. And from the southern side, it is bordered by an imaginary line extending alongside the Suez Canal width from the end of connection channel till the eastern side of Suez Canal bypass.





Port Said Port boundaries

Secondly : detailed information:


Long: 32o 18' E             Lat: 31o  15'N

Time Zone                    GMT +2

UNCTAD Code:            EGPSD

The port's code:

ISPS Identification number 14867

IMO identification number 040009


Wave code:

Channel 13     inside the port

Channel 16     international call

Approach area:

  Vessels approaching the port head for the anchorage area ( prompt white flashing bouy with

  yellow and black horizontal strips) .

  The area is situated between :

  Lat 31o   21o  N and 31o   25o  N

  Long 32o   16o  E and 32o   20o  N



Dwelling Area:

 Lat        31 21 N and 31 25 N

 L   32 16.2 E and 32 20.6 E.


The dwelling area is divided into two sections:

  1. The Northern Area located between latitudes 31 23.4 N and 31 24.8 N and longitudes 32 16.2 E and 32 20.2 E, allocated for vessels with deep drafts.

  2. The Southern Area located between latitudes 31 21.3 N and 31 22 N and longitudes
    32 16.2 E and 32 20.6 E, for all vessel types.


Pilotage is compulsory in Port Said port, and it is performed by the Suez Canal Authority upon notices made by Port Said Port Authority.   


Navigation Channel:

        The ship is to sail on 217.5 line – entry to the port.

Allowable Draft (s) for ship to call Port West:

           Maximum draught is 42.6 ft (13 m), vessel of fifth Generation, about 6000 TEUs.   



Port Specifications


Engineering Features (Coastal and Land area)

Total port Area                        3, 000, 895 sq. m

Total coastal area                    1,733, 800sq. m

Total land area                        1,267,095


Productivity Features

Design Capacity             14.971 million tons / year

Max. Ship Size               13.2 m. draft-vessels

Working Hours               24 hour a day including off / holidays.



·         Suez Canal Arsenal Dock yard.

·         Port Said Engineering Marine Works Company Yard.

·         Canal Co. for Marine Constructions. 


Dry and Floating Dock Yard:  

        Two Floating units (docks) owned by Suez Canal Authority.



        Ships bunkering/ water/ food supply by ship suppliers inside the port or at the waiting area.


Tug Service:

        Tug service is supplied by Suez Canal tugs,



       The port applies ISPS and PSC procedures .

Rails/ Roads/ Airports: 

       The Port is connected by International Highways and National Railways network, with main cities and the port is a – 5- kilometers from Port Said Airport.


Port Description " Facilities and Services "

a) Specialized Terminals and berths:

Port Said Port has multi-activities terminals/ berths: Dry Bulk/ Container Terminal/ General Cargo/ RORO/ Yachts berth/ Cruise Passengers Terminal, in addition to warehouses and yards on a vast area. Such multi- activities helped in increasing productivity rates, cost economized operation and high performance.


1- Dry Bulk Terminal:

          The terminal is composed of (2) two berths, with total length of 480 meters, to receive ships with 42ft draught. It has some 26 convoying suckers. The terminal is attached silos and warehouses at area of 30275 SM, able to acquire some (2) millions tons.


2- Container Terminal and Multi Purposes berths:

            The terminal has (8) berth, 970 m length, able to receive ships up to fifth generation, with 42.6 ft depth. The berths are equipped with some (7) gantry cranes, with 60 tons capacity. Total area of the terminal is 435 thousand square meters, 700 thousands TEUs capacity. The terminal is also supplied with reefer and plugs.   


3- Cruise terminal:

            The Passenger terminal has three berths with total length of 400 meters. Ships with 200 m length, and 10 m draught can be received. In addition, there is a jetty (mooring area) of 325 meters length, which can receive ships with length 200 m – 300m, and 35ft draught. The Passenger terminal has well furnished and equipped reception halls.       




4- Yacht Berth/ Yachting 

At a very wonderful and most safe and secure location, Port Said port prepared Arsenal berth for yachts calling. It is able to receive yachts, more than 70 yachts, with length ranges from 13-18m. The berth is equipped with bathroom/ fresh water/ electricity chargers/lighting/ customs and Immigration service. Thanks to the best service, security and friendly and warm reception, the berth became the destination for many International Yacht Rallies, which call the port regularly.  


RORO Terminal

            A berth with 40 m width to receive by stern RORO ships, with length of 125 m and 27 ft draught.


General Cargo Terminal:

            Some (5) berths, with total length of 1000 meters, able to receive ships with draught of 27 ft. These berths can receive livestock and frozen goods ships.


B ) Re-export Activity :

            Re export purpose goods can be stored at the port' warehouses and yards, against re-export fees.


D ) Transshipment :

            In order to multiply the sources of its revenues, taking full advantage of the strategic location of its ports, Port Said Port Authority is very keen to apply new approaches to attract goods and ships.

            For this end, Port Said Port Authority provided all facilities, supplies, warehouses needed to handle transshipment goods, transiting at its ports and providing, with a view to make its ports as hub distribution centers in the Middle East.

 Investment Opportunities in Port Said Port

-    Warehousing activity for transshipment goods (East side - Port Fouad) .

-   Construction of Agricultural goods exportation terminal .

-   Dockyard Construction .

Infrastructure and public utilities (water/ electricity/ sanitary/ road.. etc) are all available for the lands and area.


Development Port Expansion



Future Expansion/ Development :

-     Expansion of the backer land of the port, after integration of new areas of about 0.5 million Square meters.

-     Increasing the depth alongside the container terminal to receive large ships.

-     Introduction of electronic management of port Operation (procedures simplification) to shorten the roundabout of the ship in the port.

-     Increasing infrastructure and replacement of infrastructures and movement areas ... etc , if needed, to cope with the targeted expansion

Port’s Compliance with




Natural Characteristics:

Weather                    Mild.

Water Density            1.025 (g/cm2 )

Raining Season          Winter

Tidal range and flow  0.3m.


Navigation Channels:

Main Channel           8 km. Length, 13.72m. depth

East Verge Channel  19.5 km. length, 18.29m. depth

East Port Said Port



Location : 
East Port Said Port has a distinguished location East of the Northern entrance of the Suez Canal, at the confluence of three continents - the crossroad of the most important world sea trade route Between East and West. Thanks to its strategic location, the port is considered as a promising hub center for international trade between the Europe and far East.
To take advantage of this strategic natural location, the Government of Egypt constructed Port Said East Port on some 35 km2. After the Presidential Decree was taken for the same, infrastructures have been built and a concession agreement was made between the Government of A. R. E. and SCCT on BOT basis to operate Port Said East Port Container Terminal.
The port was officially inaugurated with the honorable presence of President Mobarak on December 2nd, 2004, with the start of Container Terminal activity.


Advantages :
• Outstanding strategic location provides major network advantages to ocean carriers
• Reduced transit times to major emerging Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea markets, in particular to and from Asia.
• Saving on feeder network.
• One of the few real privatized terminals in the region; international management.
• Simplification of tariff and local procedures.
• Built in” capacity expansion options.
• Local government backing in developing the region and promoting employment.

Coordinates :
Lat: 32
o Lat: 13o 65'N
Long 32
o 21o .25 E
Time Zone GMT +2
Wave Code (VHF) 16 (internationally) 13 (inside the Port)

Port’s Compliance with ISPS:
Identification number 14867
Acceptance date 17/1/2004

Natural Characteristics :
Weather Mild.
Water Density 1.025 (g/cm2 )
Raining Season Winter
Tidal range and flow 0.3m.

Port Specifications

Engineering Features :
Total Port Area 35 sq. km.
Water Area 1.5 sq. km.
Land Area 33.5 sq. km.
Total Yards Area 635000 sq. m.
Total Customs Zone 33.5 sq. km.
Maximum Allocated Port Length 7.755 km. Western port boundary
Maximum Allocated Port Width 5.625km. Southern boundary

Productivity Features :
Maximum Capacity 6 million TEUs / year
70 million ton  cargo / year
Max. Ship Size
Vessels with 350 m. length, 50 m. width and 15 m. draft
Working Hours Throughout 24 hours

Natural Characteristics :
Weather Mild
Water Density 1.003(g/cm2 )
Raining Season Winter
Tidal range and flow 0.7 m.


Navigation Channels :
Outer Channel 13 km. length, 250-350 m. width and 18.5 m. depth
Inner Channel 5.058 km. length, 250-350 m. width, and 16.5 m. depth
Turning Circle 715 m. diameter, and 16.5 m. Depth

Approach Area :
The approach area for the port is the area of the Suez Canal Authority in the Mediterranean Sea at hectometer (120 m)

Dwelling :
                   LAT               31              28.5             N
                   LONG            31              20.00          

                   LAT              31               27                N
                   LONG           32              18.00             E

Pilotage :
Pilotage is performed by the Suez Canal Authority, obligatory.

Area (1) :
Towards North at Hectometer 85m, till Hectometer 3 (end of Eastern Breakwater)

Area (2): inside the port :
At hectometer 3 m, (end of Easter Breakwater) till KM 6/n south.

Tug Service :
The Suez Canal Authority provides tug services.


Maximum Draught :

The port is able to receive ULCS (Ultra Large Container Ships), with 9000 TEUs capacity.


Engineering Features (Coastal and Land Areas) :

Total Port Area                           35,594,614 sq. km.

Water Area                                1, 500,000 Sq.m

Land Area                                  33.5 sq. km.

Maximum Allocated Port Length    10 km. (Western Boundary) .

Maximum Allocated Port Width     8 km. Southern boundary . 

Designated Capacity :

A 6 million tons a year. 

2.4 million TEUs a year.


Dockyard :

- Nearby Suez Canal Dock yard


Dry and Floating Dock Yard :

- Nearby Two Floating units (docks) owned by Suez Canal Authority


Catering :

- Ships bunkering/ water/ food supply by ship suppliers.


Tug Service :

- Tug service is supplied by Suez Canal tugs,           


ISPS and PSC :

- The port applies ISPS and PSC procedures


Rails/ Roads/ Airports :

           The Port is connected with International Highways and National Railways network, by Mobarak Assalam Over Suez Canal Bridge and Al Ferdan Bridge, the nearest airport is eight kilometers distance- Port Said Airport. 

 Port Facilities

Port Said East Port Container Terminal :

The Container terminal is operated by International Operator, SCCT. The container terminal has the following specifications:-

Quay length      

1,200 m

No. of berths

4 berths

Terminal width

500 m

Terminal area    

600,000 sq m

Throughput Capacity

2.2 mill TEU

Port Said East Port ID Number   


UN Locator Code



Port or Starboard side alongside

Water depth alongside

16.5 m increasable to 17.5 m

Super Post-Panamax Cranes

12 (Super Post Panamax) Gantry Cranes


41 Cranes

Operation date  

October, 2004

The Container Terminal is designed to receive ULCS (Ultra Large Container Ships).

Investment Opportunities at Port East Port

-          Value added activities at the hinterland of Port Said East Port.

-          Investment in marine based industries (container fabrication/ maintenance centers)

-          Construction of silos (with storage capacity of 50 thousands tons)

-           Loading and unloading activities


-          Fuel and water …etc supply

-          Food (agricultural/ fruit/ fish) fabrication based industries (source: world bank)

-          Logistics projects (Car reassembling/ fabrication) for local distribution and re-exportation.

           (source: World Bank)

-          Electronics factories (as in Singapore) – source: world bank.

-          Minerals and Petrochemical industries

-          Only 6% of the cake-land – is used and the remaining area for investment us 29

           kilometers, provide with basic infrastructure and roads. This area can be used in

           transshipment activities; ship catering, containers and ship repair, ..etc.  

-          Construction of RORO berths at Port Said East Port


Future Development Plan Expansion

-    Construction of another 1200 m length berth on the same extension. The overall length of the container terminal is 2400 square meters.

·     It is planned in the future to complete dredging works and the extension of the inner channel by 5 kilometers, south the current maneuvering circle. The total length of the container terminals shall be 12 kilometers.

·    Construction of Southern basin, as necessity may require, for handling different types of goods.

·     New Bunkering terminal shall be constructed nearby the Current Container Terminal.



The port and its idea download ( use winrar to unrar the pdf document )

EL-Arish Port


El Arish Port is situated in the North Sinai, on the Mediterranean. The port was mere a small fishing berth for small boats. In 1987, the port was developed for fishing purposes.

      Later, a presidential decree No. 221, was issued on 9/7/1996 to develop the port from fishing purposes into commercial port. The port is being run under jurisdiction of Port Said Port Authority (PSPA).

      PSPA developed the port facilities of El Arish Port, yards development, admiralty charts, and reconstruction of existing infrastructure.  The port received the first ship on 12/8/1996. The first shipment from the port was 4575 tons coal to Turkey, and the port started its commercial activity since that time on.


El Arish sea port is located at the Northern Coastal area of El Arish City, North Sinai, Abo Sakl.   

Long: 32o 49'E             Lat: 31o 09'N

Time Zone                    GMT +2

Wave Code (VHF)       16 (International) 13  (Local)



   Port’s Compliance with ISPS :

Identification number 14867

ISPS Certificate No.      : 085705


Navigation :

Entrance and Exit Strait     270 m. length, 100 m. width, 9-11 m. depth


Approach Area :

From the seaside, there is an imaginary line reaching the two end of Eastern and Norther Breakwater, length 1 nm.


Navigation Channel :

Entrance and Exit Strait with length of 500 m, and width 100m, and depth 911m, defined by (2) green buoys, and a red one at the end of it.


El-Areesh lighthouse         37 m. high

Visibility                           18 miles



Pilotage compulsory and performed by port’s Pilots.


  Natural Characteristics

Weather                            Mild

Raining Season                  Winter

Tidal range and flow           0.15 – 0.65 m.

Water density                      1.003  

Maximum Ship’s Draught:

The maximum draught is 7-8 m, capacity 7-8m, and tonnage of 10000-15000 tons.


Port Area

-Current land area 180 thousands square meters.  

-Inner coastal area 50 thousands square meters.


Designated Capacity: 

            1.2 million tons/ year


Ship Dockyard/ Repair

Ship dock yard and repair services carried out by Suez Canal Authority and private sector in El Arish 


Dry Dock and Floating Units

            Service provided by Suez Canal Authority



Fuel, water, food and other needs are supplied.


Tug boats:

            Carried out by Port Said Port Authority’s tugs


Working hours  :

             24 hours a day



            ISPS and PSC rules and regulations abidance.   


Roads/ Airport

             The Port is connected with International Highways and National Railways network,

             by Mobarak Assalam Over Suez Canal Bridge in addition to El Arish airport, which is nine (10) KM

             from the port.


Port Description


            The port has a berth of 242 m length, used for commercial ships, with draught of 7-8 m;

            another berth of 122 m length for small floating units, 3-4 m depth.


Storage Areas


Total area in M2


2000 m2

Covered area

28000 m2

Uncovered area



Navigational aids:

The following navigational aids are available:

a)           Light house tower, 37 m height, oversight 18 nm

b)           Red color beacon for Eastern waterbreak

c)            Green color beacon Western breakwater

d)           Two (2) buoys of strait

e)           Two enlightened beacons for strait to be used by the port at night.


Floating service units:

Pilotage launch – mooring launch – multipurpose marine tug


Port Activity:

·   Core minerals exportation from Sinai (white sands, coal, salts, …etc.) to the Mediterranean Countries.

·   Small fishing ships and General Cargo ships reception.


Investment Opportunities


Marine Activity Business Investment


-     Construction of 2500 m length berth (including Container Terminal – Dry Bulk Terminal – General Cargo Terminal- RORO Berth)

-     Construction of storage areas

-     Stevedoring works (general cargoes and others)

-     Yacht Marine Construction/ Yachting Activities

-     Construction of complementary logistics projects (building materials- food industries –Export-  based industries).   


Future Development Plan


-     PSPA has an effective development plan for El Arish Port. New storage areas shall be constructed (800 thousands Square meters – one million square meters, in addition to a berth of 2500 meters, and depth of 15 m, which receives ships of 40-50 tons, in addition to dry bulk terminal, general cargo berths, containers yard, and RORO berth.

-     Also, an area shall be designated for fishing berth and another for Yacht Marine in the port after development.  

Marine Environment Protection


  • Port Said Ports Authority abides to International conventions related to marine environment protection:
    - Egypt is a member state for international conventions, which seeks to enforce the rules and regulations, applicable to ships and tankers calling the ports of PSPA, to protect marine environment from oil pollution and others, such as:
    1- International Convention for prevention of marine pollution from ships and modifying protocols.
    2- International Convention for Preparedness, Prevention and cooperation to prevent oil pollution.
    3- International Convention for Prevention of marine pollution from dumping wastes and other substances.
    - The Rules and Regulation applicable, for marine pollution prevention, as per Barcelona Convention to protect the Mediterranean from pollution) are enforced in Ports under jurisdiction of Port Said Ports Authority.
    - Egypt is a member of REMPC Center and joins the efforts of the center to protect the Mediterranean Sea from pollution


  Facilities and Supplies:

  • The port is equipped with radioactivity pollution detection devices to inspect containers, in and out goods, and transshipment goods. .

  • Dangerous Goods regulations enforcement and handling security.

  The procedures pertinent to Ozone layers-depletion goods, as per Montréal Convention 1988, are applied.

  The port is equipped with reception facilities and equipment to receive solid wastes, used fuels/ oils wastes 
  from ships.

  Mechanism adopted for getting ride of damages goods inside the port.

Port State Control

  • Egypt is a member state of Mediterranean MoU for PSC (Port State Control), which control and inspect ships calling the ports of the member states of Mediterranean MoU such as (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus, and Malta).

    The General Directorate for PSC of the port is composed of an elite of experts and engineers to carry out inspection for the calling ships and input the data for verification and notification of the Information System of the Secretary of IMO and Mediterranean MoU, in Morocco.)



  • Egypt is very keen to join all/ any International Convention adopted by IMO, pertinent to the safety of Life at Sea and Ships and Ports, which has a key role in the stability of maritime transportation industry.

  • The Ports under jurisdiction of PSPA apply ISPS Code requirements.

  • International Security Plans for the ports have been made and International Port Security Certificates were issued for the ports.
  • PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer) for the port is assigned – Gen. Hasan Moustafa Ibrahim.
  • Part (A) and (B) of the ISPS code are applied in the ports. For more details, kindly click the following link:



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