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Seabird Marine Services Offering the most comprehensive range of services tailored to your vessel's needs, our expert team is trained to focus on your requirements & understanding the importance of supplying the right item at the right time at the right price.

We supply all technical stores, Deck, Engine, Spare parts, Cabin, Chemical, Safety & Rescue equipments, repair & underwater works, spare parts forwarding and custom clearance. Suez Canal transit & agency services.

We want to be your long term partner; you can rely on us as one stop services station.

Seabird Marine Services, Suez ship chandler and Suez Canal transit agent.
Seabird Marine Services was established in the late eighties at Port of Suez as Ship chandler, General ship supplier and Suez Canal transit agent, serving vessels calling Suez or transiting Suez Canal ... Read More

Today our three Tax Free warehouses, modern transportation fleet and advanced managements, makes our dream true … Read More

Seabird shipping agency offers a wide range of shipping and logistic services. The company is involved in chartering, port agency, liner agency, Suez Canal transit agency and freight forwarding Click here to download the latest version of the Suez Canal rules of Navigations

Suez Canal Transit

* We provide you accurate Performa DA
* We provide you a toll calculator, free access to an online rebate application, a complete Suez Canal guide, Suez Canal Southbound Transit Guide, Suez canal Northbound Transit Guide, the latest new circulars and traffic updates
* We offer you the best possible service 24/7, all year around

Choosing the right partner for your Suez Canal transits can save you thousands of dollars in time and administration costs. Seabird Marine Service guaranteeing an exclusive service experience for your port calls every time.

* Request For Suez Canal Transit Pro forma D/A
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Seabird shipping agency offers a wide range of shipping and logistic services. The company is involved in chartering, port agency, liner agency, Suez Canal transit agency and freight forwarding.

We provide reliable and professional services to many reputable ship owners, charters, managers and traders.
Seabird shipping agency handle vessels for more than 480 reputable satisfied clients all over the world.

Providing our clients with first class services, updating and monitoring any changes to Suez Canal transit or port authorities rules to benefit our clients.

Seabird shipping agency expertly manages flow of information, controlling and reducing your costs, protecting your interests in the most professional way.

As a member of BIMCO, Seabird shipping agency has direct access to the entire BIMCO information network. This means that we are able to use professional voyage estimate system and extensive port information database with the necessary technology to provide our clients with reliable and accurate information.

Protective Agency

As protective agents, we designed services to ensure that your interests are well taken care of.

Services that can be performed on request:

* cargo release against bill of landing
* cargo damage reporting
* claims handling
* draft survey coordination
* tally supervision
* cargo survey coordination
* on/off hire survey coordination
* rejected cargo follow-up
* Cargo Supervision


When you have a vessel in port, it is important that the husbandry services are delivered on time and well coordinated with the vessel operation.

Services that can be performed on request

* Coordination of booked services
* Cash to master
* Meet and greet
* Crew changed assistance
* Medical assistant
* Spare parts handling
* bunker delivery coordination
* Launch services

Brokerage & Chartering

We render the utmost services to ship owners and shippers, booking spaces or vessels and offering shipments.

Service Station

Today our three Tax Free warehouses, modern transportation fleet and advanced managements, makes our dream true,

“Seabird marine services” now is one stop ship services station

Seabird MARINE REPAIRERS AND SHIP CARE HAS ship repair team AND is well led by professional, qualified and competent supervisors and technicians. Who can handle the toughest challenges in ship repairing in the most timely , thoughtful and responsible manner on the basis of our well equipped workshop. Whether your ship needs routine maintenance or an emergency repair at all UAE ports, we are always at your service.
• Fabrications of all pipes & STEEL work
• Electric motor rewinding & over-hauling.
• Repairing of navigational apparatus – radar – VHF - radio transmitter – echo sounding – computer – copiers.
• Authorized service providers to service the breathing Apparatus/Fire extinguisher/Co2 system service approved by DNV / BV / ABS / LLOYDS / IR.
• Chipping and Painting.
Our technical manager has more than two decades of experience in the marine industry. Sunlight Group offers fully specialized engineering services to Yanmar, Daihatsu, Man B&W, Sulzer, and Pielstick Main Engines.
• Ship main and auxiliary engine over-hauling and repair
• Pumps & compressor over-hauling and repair.
• Over-hauling & repairing of air-conditioning system and refrigerators
• Under water HULL, PROPELLER CLEANING & repairing.
• Life Raft /CO2 System /Safety & Fire Fighting Equipment Servicing and Annual Recertification by various classification societies
• Hull, Pipelines & Accommodation Servicing
• Rotating Machinery.
• Cranes / Grabs / Hydraulics Servicing. • Boilers & Heat Exchangers.
• Electrical & Automation.
• Technical Assistance

"Our primary goal is to be the most comprehensive
Service Provider while maintaining
complete neutrality and confidentiality"

. Ship Agency Services in Suez Canal and Egyptian Ports

Shipping Agency
Ship Chandler /
Ship Supply
Suez Canal Agency
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Ship Repairs

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Transit charges for Suez Canal


Many People Wondering !!!
How We Build Trust ?
How We Earn Respect Of Our Clients ?

It's Simple ...
We Keep Our Words

How Many Times You Send Asking For Quotations

Than You Chose The Low Price But The Services Provider Did Not Deliver It All

Or Asked For More Money After

It's Old Scam ...
Your Supplier Or Services Provider Dose

But In Seabird-Marine We Keep Our Words


in Seabird-Marine

We accept accountability for our actions and results. We act with integrity, operating within the letter and spirit of the law

We Give without any strings attached

Our team was previously working in Suez Canal Authority so we know all hidden backdoors ! and in direct close contact with currently Suez canal authority managers
so we can eliminate any problem before it's occurred


"If your ships call in any Egyptian ports, or if they transit the Suez Canal, then you can rest easy with Seabird. Seabird Marine Services is Egypt's Premier Provider of Chandler Services, Ship Repair, and Suez Canal Transit Agency. With a presence in All Egyptian Ports, let Seabird Marine Services take care of you!"



in Seabird-Marine
We are decisive, take initiative and make tough decisions when necessary. We set priorities and act on them


in Seabird-Marine

We respect our colleagues and those we interact with outside our organization. We build trust and celebrate successes. We help our clients improve their effectiveness by continuously keeping them up to date.


Seabird-Marine is confidence

Your vessel will enter and exit ports quickly and efficiently.
From pre-arrival to post-departure, our personnel pay particular attention to accurate and speedy communication when handling overall disbursement control. Our in-depth local knowledge of operating conditions and strong relationships with local government and industry bodies ensures your best interests are maintained.


We are always here at your services
Do Not Hesitate Contacting Us
Will Do Our Best to Serve You

Our staff is reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.
For any information or inquiries,

Seabird-Marine main office is located in Port Said, Egypt only 10 minutes away from the Suez Canal the most frequently visited area in the world  , and maintains a vast network of agents present at our main ports of business throughout Egypt.

We are always one phone call or e-mail away.
Our 24/7, 365 work days a year service not only meets but surpasses the expectations of some of the world's largest companies.



Suez Canal transit agent

Shipping Agency / Owner Representatives / Suez Canal Transit Shipping Agency /Shipping Liner Representatives
Ship Suppliers / Ship Chandler /
Vessel Catering Services & Repairer
Petroleum Services / Offshore Supplying / Technical Assistance /Freight Forwarder Agents (From/To, Egypt)

Reliable Ship Supplier Allover Egyptians And freight forwarder allover the world ,ALL CREDIT FACILITIES AVAILABLE,Height quality, Low prices, Best discount, Fast services


Kindly Recommend us to your Purchasing Responsible &
Your Ships Masters

Suez Canal Agency
General Shipping Agency In Egypt
Marine service Suez Canal Map
Forwarding services
Crew Management
Cruise Vessels Handling

Suez Canal Agency:

SeaBird Marine Services offers a range of key support services. The company is involved in Ship Supply / Chandlers, Port Agency, Cargo Agency, Liner agency, Suez Canal Transit Agency and freight forwarding. SeaBird Marine Services provides reliable and professional services to many reputable ship owners, charterers, managers and traders.

SeaBird Marine Services handles vessels for more than 190 reputable satisfied Clients from all over the world.
SeaBird Marine Services aims to provide the customer with first class service, We think of ourselves as the eyes and ears of the customer in and around the ports of Suez Canal and All Egyptian Ports, monitoring any changes to Suez Canal transit rules or port authorities info, to benefit our clients.

SeaBird Marine Services expertly manages the flow of information, controlling and reducing your costs, protecting your interest in a professional way.

SeaBird Marine Services handles and supervises all aspects of cargo operations providing daily reports of ship and cargo positions.

As a member of BIMCO, SeaBird Marine Services has direct access to the entire BIMCO information network.

This means we are able to use a professional voyage estimate system and extensive port information database with the necessary technology to provide our clients with reliable and Seabird information. SuezCanal Agents

Calculate Suez canal transit charges

General Shipping Agency In Egypt

Seabird represents the interests of over 3,500 Principals and attends to over 30,000 vessels annually. At your side in ports worldwide, the Seabird network consists of four regional hubs, over 230 Seabird offices in more than 40 countries and carefully selected partners elsewhere, covering thousands of locations. In all those places you'll encounter personnel who are competent, courteous and dedicated to meeting your requirements.
Suez Canal
Seabird is on the spot in the Suez Canal as the reliable intermediary for transit co-ordination, funds transfer and efficient communication. With local offices in Port Said and Suez Port, Seabird is positioned to ensure a smooth and prompt transit.

Shipping Agency in Egypt

Marine service:

We are supplying the following:
" Deck , engine , cabin stores and machinery
" Charts , nautical publications , flags and stationary
" Bonded stores ( soft drinks , cigarettes , beer , …etc..)
" Fresh / frozen and dry provisions
In addition to:
" All kinds of technical repairs.
" Signing on / off crew members.
" Life raft services and supplying of safety equipment / certification.
" Freight forwarders agent.
Provide information about vessels transit / calling Suez canal
1) Technical Services

1. Tonnage Measurment and Certivfication
2. Pre-purchase Condition survey
3. Preparation of cargo securing manual
4. Preparation of S.O.P.E.P
5. Preparation of trim & stability booklet
6. Grain loading manual
7. Damage assessment
8. Repair survey
9. Cargo survey including sampling
10. Draught survey
11. On hire/off hire survey
12. Cargo gear survey
13. Class services
14. Condition survey
15. Classification survey & certification
16. Towage survey & Certification
17. Lay up survey & Certification
18. Re-activation survey & Certification

2) Marine Surveyors

1. Hull & machinery survey
2. Condition, hull & machinery survey
3. Certifying progress and reports marine consultants
4. Pre-shipment/arrival conditions
5. Surveys & investigation of damage & loss
6. P&I clubs survey
7. Casualty investigation
8. Vessel’s evaluation
9. On hire/off hire
10. Evaluation of vessels

Statutory Services
1. Survey and Registration of Ships
2. Survey and Inspection of Materials & Equipment
3. Survey and Certification services on behalf of flag state administration
4. Assignment of free board
5. Life saving equipment
6. Radio communication equipment
7. Navigation equipment
8. Fire protection
9. Transport of dangerous cargo
10. Crew accommodation

The surveying and statutory certification activities include:

1. Int’l Convention on Load Line (LL)
2. Int’l Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
3. Int’l Convention for Prevention of Pollution From Ships (MARPOL)
4. Int’l Convention on Tonnage Measurements of Ships (TONNAGE)
5. Int’l Convention on the Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea (COLREG)

Ship Supplier Allover Egyptians Ports

Forwarding services :

SEABIRD MARINE SERVICES Logistics offers a full range of forwarding services especially in ocean freight, and a complete package of value-added landside services. As your local and global logistics partner, we offer the expertise, experience, global reach, and global buying power to guarantee you a complete and competitive range of forwarding services that enhances every single step of your supply chain - from the factory to the customer's door.

Through out our world wide offices and representatives we can cover and provide services for the best in shipping filed around the clock.

Best Quality Products and Best Services that Satisfy our Customers' Expectations
"Our primary goal is to be the most comprehensive
Service Provider while maintaining
complete neutrality and confidentiality"

SeaBird Logistics offers a full range of forwarding services especially in ocean freight, and a complete package of value-added landside services. As your local and global logistics partner, we offer the expertise, experience, global reach, and global buying power to guarantee you a complete and competitive range of forwarding services that enhances every single step of your supply chain - from the factory to the customer's door.
Through out our world wide offices and representatives we can cover and provide services for the best in shipping filed around the clock.

SeaBird delivers a wide range of freight related services to cover all aspects of our clients' needs and requirements and to make sure that the trust and dependability we had had from our clients on the past years will be fully met. Along with a network of global coverage of partners and offices keeps us ahead on freight forwarding business. We become an extension of your office acting as your traffic and shipping department to handle any cargo movements either for export or import to/from any worldwide destinations from any country in the world.
Our line of services ranges from Air Freight up to inland and sea freight X-Works

Using our contacts and experience as a freight forwarder, SeaBird Marine Services can offer a variety of services to meet all of your freight requirements. We can gather all of the information for you, get the best price and most efficient routing for your cargo. We can provide Door to Door services for..

Air Freight
Sea Freight
In Land Transport
Customs Clearance
Removals/Packing/Door to door
Logistics Services

Forwarding and Logistics

We provide comprehensive range of innovative forwarding and logistics solutions with extensive worldwide coverage through a network of qualified and competent agents. Our services include :

Air Freight

Air Cargo Solutions connecting carriers and our valuable customers offering the best competitive rates and delicate services.
Air freight services include:
• Import
• Export
• Consolidation
• Hanging Garment Containers

Sea Freight

Ocean freight
We handle all types of goods whether conventional or containerized to and from any part of the world.
Full Container Loads (FCL)
Utilising the services of many of the major Ocean carriers we handle FCL containers of various products from all major ports into and out of Egypt. Depending on the commodity and destination and of course the, availability of suitable equipment we ship Standard 20', 40' and 40' high-cube equipment, standard 45', 20' and 40' Flat Racks, 20' and 40' refrigerated containers, 20' and 40' open top equipment and 20' ISO tank containers.
Our import / export consolidation services cover 657 destinations around the globe. We provide weekly consolidation sailing at competitive rates associated with reasonable transit times.

We have our own warehouses for receiving and storing LCL shipments until time they are taken up by consignees.

Less Than Container Loads (LCL)
In conjunction with our strong overseas partner network we offer LCL services to and from all major worldwide ports..

Building one to one relationship with all carriers to get the best offered rates in the market for our customer's expectations.
Sea Freight services include:
• Import
• Export
• Consolidation Import & Export
• General Cargo
• Break bulk
• Containers
• Ro/Ro

In Land Transport

Distribution services that connect continents through out global effective network build over 12 years experiences.
Customs Clearance
Our Customers strategy is focused on delivering substantial approach through out our expert customs brokers licensed by government authorities worldwide.
Customs clearance services include:
• Clearance
• Customs consulting
• Tariff and commodity interpretation
• Preparation of local documents
• Pre-clearance approvals
• Free zone and transit clearance
• Draw back and temporary import clearance
• 45 in-house customs clearance brokers, ready to serve clients any time and anywhere in the Egyptian ports, airports and customs areas.

Customs Clearance

Our Customers strategy is focused on delivering substantial approach through out our expert customs brokers licensed by government authorities worldwide.
Customs clearance services include:
" Clearance
" Customs consulting
" Tariff and commodity interpretation
" Preparation of local documents
" Pre-clearance approvals
" Free zone and transit clearance
" Draw back and temporary import clearance
" 45 in-house customs clearance brokers, ready to serve clients any time and anywhere in the Egyptian ports, airports and customs areas.

We are also specialists in providing temperature controlled transport and have many clients in the Pharmaceutical and Food & Drink industry. Reefers, or temperature controlled containers to give them their proper name, are specialized pieces of equipment which require specialized knowledge to operate. We’ve got both!!

We can offer a variety of services to meet all of your freight requirements. We can gather all of the information for you, get the best price and most efficient routing for your cargo. 

Our customs clearance team will take care of all required documents, ex :.
* Necessary approvals for any cargo-export permit, Certificates of origin.
* Preparation of local documents.
* Pre-clearance approvals.
* Free Zone & Transit clearance.
* Draw back and temporary import clearing.
* Whatever the required documents are, we will be ready to handle it. From & to any Egyptian port also ( Alex – Suez –
  Sokhna  - Port Said – Domieta ).
* We can offer importing any cargo by our company license according to customer need & cargo.

Call us and let our experience, flexibility and purchasing power work for you.

* Project Cargo

SeaBird Marine Services Forwarding, has vast experience in the shipping and handling of equipment and machinery and has been involved in many high profile movements of expensive and time sensitive equipment as well as the regular movement of gas and electricity generation project cargo. We have co-ordinated movements by air from single machines to the chartering of aircraft. Through our strong links with like-minded partners located throughout the globe we are able co-ordinate expert local transport and specialized customs knowledge.


Is a specialized logistics service aimed at providing ship owners, shipping agents , and ship builders with a product that substantially reduces costs by way of incorporating of our partner Schenker JETcargo time-definite service options as well as trucking, warehousing, and value-added services in any combination as required , in addition to our local capabilities regarding quick customs clearance & high valued bank LG required for transit transportation from airport of arrival to sea port where the spare part is needed.
We have the pleasure to introduce our company to you as follows:-
SeaBird MARINE SERVICES CO. a marine services and supplier company established in 1993 with head office at Port Said and branches at all Egyptian Ports.
WE have a wide range of activities and services to meet our clients needs and serve them from "A "to "Z ".
We offer the following services:-
Supplying Nautical Publications and B.A. charts ( with competitive prices $ 32.40 each, offer 2% discount for more than 7 pcs B.A. charts ) .
Supplying all transit stores.
Supplying all fresh foods ( vig , meat , deck , engine , .etc. )
Technical & Maintenance works .
Bidders for chipping and painting ship's hull through Suez canal ( daily accurate information )
Supply Life Rafts equipment with its certificates.
Supplying Ropes / wires ( all sizes ) with it's certificates .
Removal of sludge / garbage.
Supply all electrical machines - i.e. washing machines, recorders, .etc.

Provide information about vessels transit / calling Suez canal ( daily accurate information )
Please note :
1 - We deliver fresh foods without any waste with high quality standards around the year with competitive prices.
2 - We fully attend your vessel by our fully experienced team sharing you to minimize your expenses to the critical expenses and offering smooth Suez canal transit for your lady and also to vessels which calling to our area.
3 - We can offer a special discount of ???% from your request grand total ( excluding B.A. charts )
SeaBird Marine Services provides marine to the offshore marine industry (supply vessel tug boats, salvage services , marine transportation and offshore marine contracting ).
The fleet comprises a fleet of anchor handling tug supply vessels and safety standby / maintenance support vessels , operated by qualified , experience and professional crews. SeaBird Marine Services Vessels Work for the Major Oil Companies in Egypt Middle East and Africa in long Tern Contracts

  • Mobil Exploration Company Working in Gulf of Suez area

  • I.E.O.C Company { working in Gulf of Suez area}

  • ESSO Company { Working in Gulf of Suez area }

  • Geisum Company { Working in Gulf of Suez area Zeit Bay Area}

  • Gupco Company {Working in Gulf of Suez area }

  • Petrobel Company { Working in Gulf of Suez area and Mediterranean Sea}

SeaBird Marine Services vessels is always working on developing and specializing in the field of marine services , OMS have complied with International Safety Management ( I.S.M ) and International Ship& Port Facility Security ( I.S.P.S ) in a timely manner , and works at the highest standard of safety in the industry .
For safe, smooth and excellent services contact ( SeaBird Marine Services)
Authorization is hereby granted to SeaBird Marine Services –Egypt (S.A.E) under the Private free Zones System ,to exercise the company activities
ownership, lease and rent – out of all kinds of ships, , floats and, marine
units, to carry out the following operations :
maritime transport operations in accordance with the laws and regulations
providing therefore .
provide of marine services to the ships owned by it and raising the
Egyptian flag .
provide of the oil marine services in accordance with the laws and
regulations providing therefore, following obtainment of the necessary
permits from the competent authorities .
representation of the ship owners following obtainment of the necessary
permits from the competent authorities .
all in accordance with the conditions and restrictions of the ministry of maritime transport .


Removals/Packing/Door to door

Through out professional staff, innovated network and leading technology we offer style service for all specialist demands

Logistics Services

As the world is getting smaller through reduced trade restrictions, free agreements and low cost of communications driving the globalization of business to an unprecedented pace.
Mohassib Freight offers a unique opportunity of international logistics services to our customers.

  • Maintenance and Renew Life Parts, Fire Extinguishers (Approved Certificate)

  • Co2 System.

  • Refilling Gases, Ox, AC,  Argon, Freon Cylinders, Refrigerants Cylinders Systems.

  • Repairing and Rewind All Electrical Motors.

  • Complete Workshop.

  • Welding, Chipping and Painting Works.


  • Rubbish Barge, Oil Barge, Sludge Barge, Motor Boat, Watchmen, Laundry Services.


  • Diving Works ( Video/Photo/Cleaning) under water

Underwater - cleaning, propeller polishing, inspection and repairs


Underwater cleaning and polishing of propellers are well known areas, which are continually used by many owners. Seabird agencies & shipping ApS can assist you World Wide.

We represent entrepreneurs within the underwater marine industry who have perfected and targeted their work to such a degree that it is now possible to carry out a lot more repairs under water than was the case some years ago.

Complicated repairs on rudder and propeller can now be performed.

One task which has gained footing in the past few years is underwater inspection, with both photography as well as video filming including CCTV. The method is now widely used when buying and selling vessels, and upon achieving class extensions.

Most stations are approved by one or several of the leading classification societies.

We look forward to assisting you on your underwater assignments.

Flying squads for maintenance and repairs


Due to vessels relatively short stays in ports as well as at yards, and furthermore with reduced number of men onboard, we have been met with an increased interest for flying squads for repair and maintenance.

We arrange for flying squads ex Poland (low hourly rate) through British / Polish company Matatec.

In the past we have arranged for teams consisting of 1 man up to 10 men, and the duration of their stays in the vessels have been from 10 days up to 6 months.

The jobs have varied from cleaning, welding, steel renewal (plates and tubes) - 60 tons on one particular vessel - to overhaul and renovation of aux engines etc as well as qualified electricians.

Our Polish / British connections are so flexible that almost all jobs can be done "while steaming", including deck, engine, hatches, hydraulic and electrical work. Reasonable hourly rates are being quoted.

For bigger jobs even firm prices are quoted, and Matatec have had great success in quoting fixed prices for various jobs on board vessels while they have been in service.

Egypt Shipping Agency

We are A Famous Name in the Shipping Field in Egypt and
Elder Company which was Established in 1980 and Acting
Many big and excellent owners All Over the World,
As we are Proud that any owners deal with our company
keeping the Business relationship.

Our Company working around the clock 24 Hours 7 Days,
Our Target convince ships owners and crew, therefore,
Doing all the Best to achieve our target.

Ships Suppliers for the Following:
- Engine Stores
- Deck Stores
- Cabine Stores
- Safety Stores
- Safety Equipments
- Nutical Stores
- Bonded Stores " Cigarettes & Drinks "
- Provision " Fresh , Frozen & Dry "

Owners Representatives For All Tonnage

- We act as full agents for all kinds of vessels, tonnages calling all major Egyptian ports.
- All types of general cargo vessels, tramp handling with high efficient staff in all Egyptian ports
with a high efficiency that insures smooth operations.
- Bulk cargo vessels, tankers, heavy lifts and project cargo.
- We provide also Crew change services.

We Cooperate with a number of well – established agents that operate in Europe, Africa, Fareast, and the Americas we have managed to gain their loyalty through our sense of professionalism and efficient business management. Our agents have always given us the privilege to function effectively and efficiently in order to meet the demands and Expectations of our clients and provide them with the most convenient and competitive costs.
Has a wide range of services that we consider as the backbone of our growth and are proud of we are currently serving more than seventy clients locally and internationally.

We guarantee excellent qualities and 1st class services to meet our clients satisfaction. Therefore, we request you kindly to give us the trail to prove goods quality and services.
Also to enable you enjoy with our soft terms of payment, which will be very convenient nowadays for ship owners and ship managers.
On your request we will be ready to send you our fresh and competitive price list.

 Our company offers for your attention effective cavitation equipment of high capacity for underwater cleaning of ships and hydro technical constructions of various applications (piers, docks, quay pier, gas and oil producing platforms, terminals, pipelines and other fixed installation – port constructions, administrative buildings, etc.). Using caviation equipment allows to solve problems of preliminary and essential cleaning of small and big surfaces from marine growth and any matter of any origin or thickness.
For cleaning only water is used, without using any mechanical (brushes, scrubs, etc.), or chemical agents, which allows to not inflict any damage to expensive paint and varnish, anti growth or anti corrosive covering. In distinction from existent methods of cleaning with the use of high pressure, our equipment has productivity 5-10 times more than those mentioned, the pressure used is only 150-200 bar., besides the effectiveness of cleaning increases with the depth.

Offered systems for cleaning are absolutely accident proof, mobile and very easy to use, besides they comply even with the most demanding norms of ecological standard control, which is confirmed by certificates. Mechanism and main components of equipment, have a high resource of non failure operation and do not require regular servicing and replacement of expendable materials.

For providing operation of our instruments standard pump stations of various modifications and power are used.

Detailed description of the specified method, instruments and general information

We are ready for full or all round cooperation in the field of underwater cleaning and polishing and invite You for a dialogue for achieving optimal conditions of such cooperation


Main and auxiliary engines and the mechanisms

Repair of main and auxiliary engines and diesel generators;
Repair of turbochargers, of heat exchangers, boilers, pumps and ship mechanisms;
Restoration of the machine parts and mechanisms;
Repair of steering gear and variable-stroke pumps;
Repair of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems;
Repair of hydraulic systems and systems of control of hydraulics (manipulators);
Repair of load-lifting ship devices.
Radio navigation equipment
Repair, installation and adjustment of the radio navigation equipment;
Depth finder;
GMDSS equipment.
Systems of control and automation
System of the centralized control, including temperature sensors, pressure, level and others;
Systems of automatic and remote control of main and auxiliary engines;
The all-speed governors of ship diesels;
Systems of management of power stations and of protection of generators;
Fire stations;
Automation of the systems of auxiliary mechanisms;
Electronic charts of different types;
And many other systems of ship automation

Machinery Services

SeaBird Machinery Services Limited is a full service, global supply operation specializing in marine and industrial spare parts and machinery. Operating in two divisions, Parts Supply Centre and Plant Machinery Department, SeaBird is a large supplier of genuine Japanese and Korean machinery and spare parts. SeaBird Machinery provides Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Navigation, Control, Communication, Deck and Bridge Equipment and spare parts. With headquarters in Osaka, Japan, the Parts Supply Centre provides the entire range of marine spare parts and replacement equipment for vessels built in the Far East. Using our longstanding relationships with all the major manufacturers we are able to provide the right parts, at the right price, at the right time. With headquarters in Tokyo, Japan the Plant Machinery Department provides Japanese-made industrial spare parts and machinery to clients worldwide. As an agent for more than 100 industrial and high tech manufacturers and with sales to more than 45 countries, the Plant Machinery Department is a key resource for plant owners and operators.

Offshore Support Agency

Different sectors of the Offshore Marine contracting industry operate specialised vessels working on specialised projects and have specialised Port agency and logistics requirements. SeaBird Shipping Services has recognised the need to provide tailor made logistics solutions to meet the extremely demanding principals we work with in this sector.

Whether working for offshore construction contractors, dredging companies, survey companies, pipe laying or cable-laying contractors, SeaBird has the experience and the expertise to deliver a high quality of logistics service across the world.

In the Oil & Gas sector we are working both directly with the Oil majors and with the contractors and subcontractors working for the Oil majors. From documentation and logistics support for a FPSO, logistics support on rig movements, or agency and logistics support for AHTs and PSVs, SeaBird can deliver a quality logistics service.

SeaBird recognizes the fundamental importance of local ‘nuts and bolts’ service delivery, yet at the same time supply chain software applications and a global focus on HSSE and Quality allows SeaBird to warranty the same high level service in all its locations worldwide.

Whether it is temporary importation documentation, vessel agency and husbandry requirements, crew and spares movement, life support activities for project personnel, or provision of launches and landside logistics requirements, SeaBird has the experience and professional services to be the partner of choice.

For more information on SeaBird Offshore Agency Support, locations and past experience please fill in the following form and we will get in touch with you or alternatively email

Parcels clearance and forwarding


Parcels clearance and forwarding


• Seabird office in Cairo is completely dedicated for the purpose of releasing / air freighting parcels whatever their weight from Cairo airport .

• How do you guarantee parcel delivery on board :-

  1. It's recommended to airfreight the spare parts and ship's store

  2. Consignment must be air freighted four days before ship's arrival

  3. The consignment must be labeled spare parts or ship's store in transit to ……. Master M/V " ……………… "
    C/O Seabird Agency
    201/5 Ashtoom EL Gamil Blocks - Port Fouad,
    Port Said - Zip 42523 , Egypt

  4. Then copy of the following to be faxed to our fax No.
    ( 2066 ) 325 870 – 322 640 :-

    1. Copy of AWB

    2. Packing list

    3. Performa invoice

  5. All these documents relayed immediately to our office in Cairo who start at once releasing consignment and dispatch consignment to either Port Said or Suez

  6. Similar procedures are taken once a malfunction spare parts or similar items are discharged by the ship in order to be repaired and required to be air freighted.



Agency Services


Based on more than 25 years experience of agency activities with containers, tankers, general and bulk cargo vessels, passengers and cruise ships, we can offer high level of following services:



1. Port operation for liner container vessels ship transiting the suez canal


  • Notifying the line with container terminal facilities.

  • Special arrangements with pilots and tug boats to attend the vessel properly upon arrival and after complete operation.

  • Regular pre-arrival notifications to cargo receivers.

  • Advise the line and other agents at the other ports with the local rules of the customs, port and others to avoid unexpected fines.

  • Preparing the discharging bay plans, other documents and submitting same to the container terminal prior vessel's arrival.

  • Preparing the loading bay plan with all container details during vessel's operation and dispatch same by EDI to the line upon vessel's sailing.

  • Up to date container tracking system enabling the line/client to trace the present status of each container.

  • Regular notification to the shippers after loading their shipments till shipment's arrival at port of destination.

  • Full coordination with terminal's stevedores to expedite container operation.

  • Empty/full containers storage facility at our private yards with competitive container storage rates.

  • Monitoring the condition of the container while receiving from consignees/shippers, notify the line in case of any damages observed.

  • Assist the line for the full overdue containers and arrange for cargo de-stuffing/destruction enabling the line to reutilize the containers.

  • Shipping Agency For All Tonnage
    We act as full agents for all kinds of vessels, tonnages calling all major Egyptian ports. All types of general cargo vessels, tramp handling with high efficient staff in all Egyptian ports with a high efficiency that insures smooth operations. Bulk cargo vessels, tankers, heavy lifts and project cargo.
    We provide also Crew change services.



2.  Port operation for other types of vessels (Tanker, bulk, cargo, cruise, etc) calling ports on Liner/Tramp basis.  


  • Detailed D/A estimation prior vessel's arrival according to port tariff.

  • Permanently updated and detailed information about ports and cargo berths (depths, capacity, kinds of handling cargo, rates …etc)

  • Advise master with the port rules and necessary precaution in order to avoid any fines in case of breaching the port rules.

  • Sending regular pre-arrival notification to cargo receivers/shippers.

  • Sending the Notice of Readiness to cargo receivers/shippers.

  • Legal advisor to our principals in case of any dispute or cargo claims with any party.

  • Attending the draft survey of the bulk carriers prior commencing and after complete operation.

  • Attending cargo calculation and tanks' sounding for the tankers.

  • Continuous supervision during cargo handling of vessels at the port. Timely and full reports to the principals about vessels handling.

  • Cargo and ship's survey and tally services.

  • Seabirduing the statement of facts according to the actual events during vessel's port stay.

  • Quick dispatch of the final statement of account after vessel's departure with all the supported invoices.



3. Suez Canal transit representation Port Said Suez Canal Office


  • Calculation of competitive proforma of disbursement account.

  • Up to date reporting of the transit prospects prior arrival.

  • Updating the principal and vessel’s master with the Suez Canal Rules of Navigation.

  • Recommendations for ship’s expenses/transit tolls saving.

  • Proper attendance to the vessel upon arrival and prior clearing the Suez Canal through our qualified staff at Port Said and Suez office.

  • Coordinating with all vendors/bunker & provision suppliers to ensure smooth delivery without delaying the vessel on her normal convoy.

  • Prompt settlement after receiving the actual transit tolls invoice.

  • Advise the owners of Suez Canal circulars concerning the rebates on the transit tolls and how to apply for same.

  • Arrange of spare parts delivery during vessel's transit

  • Proper reporting to the principals with the actual transit timing.

  • Update the principals with any news/circular. 


Suez Canal Transit agents


4. Protecting agent on behalf of vessel’s owners   


  • Ship and ship’s equipment repair arrangement through the classified workshops.Ship Repair

  • Customs clearance formalities through our Cairo-Airport office and spare parts delivery through our port offices. 

  • Crew changes formalities at any port or during Suez Canal transit which including:

- Arranging necessary entry Visa or "Ok to Board" if needed.

- Meet and assist the incoming joiners at the airport.

- Arrange for hotel accommodation if needed.

- Arrange transportation facility to/from the port.

- Finalizing the custom clearance/immigration formalities of the joiners.

- Arrange repatriation formalities for the off-signers.

- Booking proper flights for the off-signers avoiding hotel accommodation. 



  • Bunker supply with competitive bunker prices

  • Fresh water supply.

  • Provision supply through the most efficient vendors

  • Technical, navigation and medical supply.

  • Medical attendance to crew  

  • Assistance to master for lodging of sea protest

  • Delivery of cash to





Logistics & Forwarding Services



By one of Seabird’s group (Allied Transport & Trade Co.) we are achieving the following services:


  • Forwarding service for all types of general, bulk and oil cargoes as well as cargoes in containers

  • Air, Sea and Land transport services through strong global network of agents

  • Customs clearance and certification of cargoes.

  • Full logistical service for import/export and transit cargoes.

  • Insurance of cargoes and shipments.  

  • Arrangement of cargo transportation in containers by all modes of transport.

  • Booking, stuffing/de-stuffing of containers.

  • Competitive inland haulage rates.

  • Warehousing and distribution services.

  • Consolidation/deconsolidation.

  • Monitoring of containers transportation.

  • Surveyors
    Cargo, Ship surveys
    Damage surveys
    Bunkers surveys
    Cargo inspections
    Tally surveys
    Hull and machinery
    Draft surveys
    Hold and tanks surveys

freight forwarder agent



Other Services


Drug Testing representation:


We have a specialized team capable to attend the vessel at any port in short notice upon receiving the instructions from the company requesting the collection.


Our mSeabirdion is to collect the urine specimen from the crew members on board the vessel while calling at any of the Egyptian ports or during Suez Canal transit according to the Lab's procedures and dispatch it with all completed forms to the Lab for further Drug testing analysis.  


We are presently acting on behalf of the following drug testing companies:


- Drug Testing International          U.S.A

- Medscreen                               U.K.

- ELSSI                                      Greece

- Marconova                                Sweden

- First Advantage                         U.S.A

- India House Path Lab                 India


Fire, Rescue & Safety

SeaBird has combined our ship agency, logistics and offshore expertise and infrastructure to create SeaBird Fire, Rescue & Safety (FRS) - a one-stop shop for all your end-to-end needs in full-warranty fire and safety equipment and systems, wherever you go.

Our services include:
Sourcing and supply of class-approved safety equipment and systems
Maintenance and servicing of any brand such as inspection, testing for recertification
Engineering and installation for any vessels including conversions and newbuildings

We work with a carefully selected network of certified partners to ensure the fire, rescue & safety systems onboard your fleet are maintained in top condition.

Offshore support
SeaBird Marine Services supports various phases of offshore exploration, development and production, including anchor handling for lay barges and mobile drilling rigs, towing of barges carrying pipes, structures and various equipment. SeaBird is also involved in transporting supplies and personnel necessary to sustain drilling, workover and production activities.
Anchor handling tugs and supply vessels are equipped with external fire fighting and other equipment giving them the flexibility to perform standby and rescue duties in the oil fields. Fitted with a de-compression chamber and other diving equipment, vessels are often engaged as dive support vessels.
250 feet class barges are utilized to carry offshore structures to the field as well as pipes to pipe-lay barges.

Towage & Barge Operations
The tug and barge fleet range from 750 hp - 8000 hp for tugs and 1200 dwt - 6000 dwt for barges. Tugs and barges are utilized for transporting various types of cargo, which often involve transport of equipment to remote areas with little infrastructure. The barges are also used for lighter age as well as for transporting general cargo.
Tugs, apart from towing barges, are often involved in berthing/canal transiting assistance and towing third party equipment.

Project cargo
Barges and landing craft are specifically designed to carry project cargo.
With high loading capacity, high freeboard and with deck strength up to 15 ton per m², SeaBird barges are ideally suited for heavy project cargo, such as transformers, generators, evaporators etc. Ballast able tanks make these vessels very suitable for Ro-Ro operations. SeaBird Marine work very closely with the heavy lift engineering companies tailoring solutions to their needs.

Ship-To-Ship Transfer
SeaBird Marine Services first carried out Ship to Ship Transfers in 1979 off Bahrain, operating as SeaBird Transfer Services. In 1995 the name was changed to Gulf Transfer Services. GTS offer global reach when it comes to Ship-to-Ship services, supply of mooring masters etc. In addition to the administration office which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, GTS have equipment bases located in UAE, Malta, Nigeria, Vietnam and Suez.
GTS specializes in bulk liquid, liquefied gas and dry bulk cargo transfers between all types of vessels. GTS also offers provision of Mooring Masters for floating Storage Units (FSU) for alongside or tandem berthing and SBM berthing. Other services include condition surveys, vetting inspections, superintendence and related marine work. GTS is an accredited ISO 9002-1994 company for the provision of Ship-to-Ship transfer services. All liquid and bulk transfer operations are carried out as per OCIMF guidelines.

Target Markets
From heavy lift operators to oil and gas sectors, SeaBird Marine has the expertise and resources to address specific needs.
We work with customers to provide tailor-made and cost-efficient solutions regardless of the industry sector or destination.

Seabird Commercial Activity

Our company is one of the major companies in Egypt dealing in the field of products used for environmental protection such as water treatment materials, sanitary fixtures, irrigation requirements and relevant intermediate materials such as solvent cement, adhesives and silicone sealant.

Due to our distinguished relationships with major clients operating in this field as well as our field attendance in potential marketing areas in Egypt we have been able to surpass the forecas

Import & Export
We have our own Import & Export Department, dealing with all kinds of products related to Ship stores. Furthermore we give assistance regarding products from other branches as well. Foods & Non-foods, (alcoholic) beverages, tobaccos, cleaning products, even more than you can think of! Complete and partial truckloads or containers with well known brands or so called B-types against competitive rates.

What are you waiting for: Give it a try, we are not the biggest, but we are reliable, we do what we stand for and we are already doing it for over 15 years

Crew Management

We can save your company money and time and supply good seaman’s
In The highest traffic area all over the world (The Suez Canal)
Our geographical position is a great advantage to our company

Read More ... Click her...

Cruise Vessels Handling

In addition our staff has a wealth of experience in handling cruise vessels and attending to their particular needs.


We can handle both your requirements of Shore Excursions and Port Agency or if you already have a shipping agent, we will be delighted to work closely with them. Being in the business for over 50 years we have established excellent working relationships with all the agencies in the shipping industry.


The Seabird Operations team at Port Said is also responsible for handling all vessels making the southbound transit of the Suez Canal as well as port calls at Port Said port and El Arish port.

Based on our faith in the fact that our company’s strength and potential lies in our man power is the reason why Seabird Port Said was very careful to select the best boarding representatives who are fluent in the English language. As per Seabird Policy all boarding staff regularly attend training courses and operations workshops in order to ensure they are fully aware of any developments in the shipping industry.


Seabird is covering all activities related to the procedural steps to be taken with the Port Authorities for the vessel to call at the respective port. Additionally, it is handling all supplies requests and crew movements.

Port operations are supported by the deep and continuously updated knowledge of the regulatory procedures.



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