Continuous growth and advanced management
allowed SeaBird Marine Services to become one of
the market leaders In Suez Canal area and
all Egyptian Ports in both fields of Ship chandler &
Suez Canal Transit agency

Welcome to Seabird Web Site

The Company is Managed by specialized Personnel We guarantee not only "door to door" transportation but also Integrated transportation we concentrate on several meanings the non stoppable quick careful just in time non exaggerating cost less barriers less bureaucracy and more secure container transportation

Our strategy is to develop and master all the existing shipping and forwarding knowledge with the fast moving world of shipping industries also the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our Wide Range of Services Includes:
Ship agents
Ship brokers and Chartering of all kinds of Vessels
Freight forwarders (Ocean - Air)
Custom Clearance
Spare Parts clearance
General ship Suppliers & marine works/ contractors
Crew change
Technical supervision, underwater inspection & general survey

Our main objective in serving our customers is to gain their confidence by putting our performance into safeguarding their interests to the best of our ability.

Besides, we are in good relationship with shippers, receivers, ,forwarders, agents, shipping lines, maritime chambers and competent authorities in EGYPT, which we can rely on their assistance and co-operation when solving any problems and/or disputes within the frame work of the Egyptian local port regulations.

We act as Full agents for all kinds of vessels, tonnages calling all major Egyptian ports.

All types of general cargo vessels ,tramp handling with high efficient staff in all Egyptian ports wit high efficiency, smooth operations.

Bulk cargo vessels, Tankers, Heavy lifts and project cargo.

Our Network of Relations allow us to Operate vessels Efficiently and smoothly.

We can act also as - Ship brokers for all kinds of vessels as:
general cargo Vessels
break bulk
conventional ships.

International freight forwarding, Air and Sea for all Destinations
Import and Export.
LCL and consolidated cargoes.
Door to door Services
Integrated logistics.
Project cargo and Heavy Lifts.
Cargo Booking through our network of Agents.
Land transportation to all destinations

All Kinds of Import Cargoes
All Kinds of Export Cargoes
All Cargo in Transit
We provide our customers consultation concerning any potential imported or exported products in order to avoid risk taking prior importing or exporting.

Our staff can provide consultation to our customer due to their extensive exposure and dealing with the customs department locally and internationally through our strategically based agents worldwide

Spare Parts clearance
Ship's Spares in Transit To and From the vessels in all Egyptian ports, Alexandria, Suez, Damietta, Port Said and Suez Canal.
All Kinds of Import Cargoes
All Kinds of Export Cargoes
All Cargo in Transit
We provide our customers consultation concerning any potential imported or exported products in order to avoid risk taking prior importing or exporting.

Our staff can provide consultation to our customer due to their extensive exposure and dealing with the customs department locally and internationally through our strategically based agents worldwide

Spare Parts clearance
Ship's Spares in Transit To and From the vessels in all Egyptian ports, Alexandria, Suez, Damietta , Port Said and Suez Canal.

Cargo ,Ship surveys
Damage surveys
Technical Supervision
Underwater Inspections
Bunkers surveys
Cargo inspections
Tally surveys
Hull and machinery
Draft surveys
Hold and tanks surveys.

We are a shipping agency settled in Suez (Head Office), as shipping agents we carry out the activities of ship's agents,forwarders,and loading/unloading agents,Enrichedwith personal and professional experiences of more than twenty nine years in The shipping sector. Our company has been acting as subagents in all ports in Egypt.


Our wide experience enables us to provide a reliable and professional service in shipping for any type of vessel and port operations. Needless to say we are also qualified agents for regular shipping lines. We are full agent and representative ship owner's for transit Suez canal.

We will make every effort to offer you the best possible services and collaboration through our head office with all the attention that your business requires.

We hope mutual co-operation by way of brokerage or commission that of which return by the benefits between our company in Egypt and other world wide partners. We offer the facilities toward grow the business

We perform shipping agency for unlimited tonnage vessels at all over the Egyptian ports providing the following:

  • Accurate estimation Of Port dues keep owners / charterers, Informed before ship's arrival With All prospects of discharging / Loading / Berthing etc...

  • Full information about “ After office hour” / Mobile phones of agency department.

  • Quick berthing for your vessels

  • Attending all aspects of cargo, Also collect / dispatch documents, submit time sheet if requested.

  • On vessel Sailing following documents will be faxed without any Elimination, Duly signed and stamped from all parties

Through our offices and teams we perform smooth and efficient transit:

  • Registration at the canal authorities

  • Settlement of costs differentials within 72 hours of transit.

  • Advice on all documentation required by the Suez canal authority.

  • Canal rebates.

  • Preparation of bookings and any requirements.

  • Smooth transit without delay.

  • Complete records

  • Crew change.

  • sign on/off.

  • cash to master, medical care.

  • Supply of provisions, spare parts,

  • paints, foodstuff, bunkers, fresh water, charts.

  • Repair and maintenance during transit.

We Cooperates with a number of well – established agents that operate world wide and we have managed to gain their loyalty through our sense of professionalism and efficient business management.

We are specialist in shipping, loading and discharge services. We cover all Egyptian ports. Our quest is to be your eyes and ears 24/7 to ensure a safe, quick turn-around for your vessel’s stay.

SeaBird started to work as agent for both port-calls and Suez canal transit. SeaBird has mean while proven to provide an efficient interface between our principals and port authorities and other service providers, authorities.
Our services include -but are not limited- to:
- fully represent the interest of the principal.
- coordinate all vessel operations with Suez Canal plus the terminals / ports.
- Document control.
- Provide part of terminal information prior to vessel fixture / arrival.
- Manage all funds, transfers and payments within Egypt.
- Coordinate all crew and chandlery requirements.
- Arrange and supply bunkers.
- Obtain documentation/ invoices and verify as appropriate.
- Prepare final disbursement accounts.
- Keep principals advised at all time.
- Accurate situation reports.
- Faster turnaround of vessels.
- Crew / vessel requirements handled by your own agent.
- Feedback on local developments and assistance with Suez Canal and port information as required.
- Capable of assisting owners / operators in obtaining berths sooner in periods of congestion.
- Capable of assisting owners / operators in berthing / un berthing after regular hours

Ship Broker

Both time charters and voyages charters entered into after 1 July 2004 will contain clauses which address the ISPS Code. The BIMCO has published ISPS clauses for both voyages and time charter parties, which in essence provide that all delays, costs or expenses which result from the ship not being ISPS compliant will be for the owners account. Delays, costs or expenses which results from the port facility not being ISPS compliant will be for charterers account, unless caused by the owners negligence. There is also a separate security clause for voyages charters involving calls at ports in United States. It is strongly recommended that brokers familiarise themselves with these clauses which can be found on BIMCO’s website, www.bimco.bk . Intertanko has also produced a clause for time charters, and the club has also been informed that some major charteres such as Cargill and ExxonMobil, are formulating their own clauses. In such cases it is important that the broker brings their usage to the attention of his principal(s).

At this stage, it seems to be the general understanding that the ISPS Code has had fewer implications for shipping intermediaries, such as ship-agents and shipbrokers, than was predicted. However, in order to minimize exposure to potential claims that the intermediary has caused or contributed to losses to principals, it is or paramount importance that a ship-agent knows the legal framework in which he operates and for a broker to ensure that the appropriate clauses are incorporated into charter parties.


Through our Wide connections through our partners in Novorsysk, Constansaza and Greece


Also our direct Connection with Turkish ,Syrian and Ukrainian Markets

We provide all kinds of marine Supplies, Bunkers supplies, Provisions, bonded stores, deck supplies, engine supplies, marine paints, safety equipment, and spare parts.

Through our network of connections and professional standard of our services we provide competitive prices.
  • Cargo Surveys and Inspections.

  • Cargo Condition Surveys.

  • Cargo Loss Surveys.

  • Damage Surveys.

  • Hull and Machinery Inspections.

  • Draft Surveys.

  • Bunkers Surveys.

  • Hold and Tanks Cleanliness Surveys.

  • Supervision of Marine contractors and Ship's repairs.

Crew Change:
We attend the reception and boarding the crew , saving time and money. Owners are requested to hand over to the crew a letter addressed to whom it may concern , mentioning name, nationality, number of seaman's book. rank and name of vessel the crew will join. Visas for crew may member, owners representative, so that we may advise you the possibilities of joining the vessel.
Hotels according to your request

Bunkering facilities are available at our ports and we have capable team to stem and achieve fast deliveries of bunkers and lubricants

Other Services
01 Ship's Register Certificate
02 Safety Equipment Certificate
03 Safety Radio Certificate
04 Safety Construction Certificate
05 Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (I.O.P.P.)
06 International Load Line Certificate (L.L.)
07 International Tonnage Certificate (1969)
08 Min. Safe Manning Certificate No ( ):
    The License of Crew: No ( ):
    Crew List:
09 Safety Management Certificate (S.M.C.)
10 Document of Compliance (D.O.C.)
11 Classification Certificate
12 Document of Compliance Dangerous Goods
13 Medical Certificate (Pharmacy)
14 Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (S.O.P.E.P.)
15 Cargo Securing Manual
16 Stability Calculation
17 Garbage Management Plan
18 International Ship Security Certificate

Date of Issue is required for all the above mentioned certificates.

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Suez Canal Transit Dues as of 1/3/2012 new Suez Canal Tariff


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International Air Transport Association

Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association

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Port Said Port Authority

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US-Inland Rivers

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Port of Yosu, Ko

Port of Ystad, Sw

Port of Zamboanga City, Ph

Port Zayed, UAE

Port of Zeebrugge, Be

Zeeland Netherlands

Suez Canal   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... Arab. Qanat as Suways, waterway of Egypt extending from Port Said to Port Tawfiq (near Suez) and connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez and thence with the Red Sea. The canal is somewhat more than 100 mi (160 km) long. Proceeding S from Port Said, it runs in an almost undeviating ...

Suez Canal   World Encyclopedia ... Suez Canal Waterway in Egypt linking Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea. The 169km (105mi) -long canal was planned and built (1859–69) by the Suez Canal Company under the supervision of French canal builder Ferdinand de Lesseps . In 1875, the British ...

Suez Canal   A Dictionary of World History ... Suez Canal A shipping canal 171 km (106 miles) long and without locks connecting the Mediterranean (at Port Said) with the Red Sea, constructed between 1859 and 1869 by Ferdinand de Lesseps. The canal, now important for Egypt's economy as providing the shortest route for international sea traffic ...

Suez   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... , city (1996 pop. 417,610), NE Egypt, at the northern end of the Gulf of Suez and at the southern terminus of the Suez Canal. An important port with extensive facilities, it is also a refueling station, a holding area for ships entering the canal, and a center for the storage and refining of oil. ...

Suez Crisis   Britannica Concise Encyclopedia ... (1956) International crisis that arose when Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal after Western countries withdrew promised financial aid to build the Aswan High Dam . The French and British, who had controlling interests in the company that owned the canal, sent troops ...

Gulf of Suez   Britannica Concise Encyclopedia ... Northwestern extension of the Red Sea. It is located between Africa and the Sinai Peninsula and is roughly 195 mi (314 km) long and 12–20 mi (19–32 km) wide. Linked to the Mediterranean Sea by the Suez Canal , it is an important shipping route. In the 1970s and '80s, oil was discovered at ...

Suez War   A Dictionary of World History ... Suez War (1956) A military conflict involving British, French, Israeli, and Egyptian forces. It arose from the nationalization of the SUEZ CANAL Company by Egypt in 1956. When attempts to establish an international authority to operate the Canal failed, Britain and France entered into a military ...

Canal   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... an artificial waterway constructed for navigation or for the movement of water. The digging of canals for irrigation probably dates back to the beginnings of agriculture, and traces of canals have been found in the regions of ancient civilizations. Canals are also used to provide municipal and ...

Egypt   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... , Arab. Misr, biblical Mizraim, officially Arab Republic of Egypt, republic (2005 est. pop. 77,506,000), 386,659 sq mi (1,001,449 sq km), NE Africa and SW Asia. It borders on the Mediterranean Sea in the north, Israel and the Red Sea in the east, Sudan in the south, and Libya in the west. Egypt's ...

Port Said   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... or Bur Said , city (1986 pop. 469,533), NE Egypt, a port on the Mediterranean Sea at the entrance to the Suez Canal. It is a fueling point for ships using the canal and is the site of the main workshops of the canal administration. Salt is produced in Port Said by evaporating seawater, and there is ...

Sinai   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... , triangular peninsula, c.23,000 sq mi (59,570 sq km), NE Egypt. It is c.230 mi (370 km) long and 150 mi (240 km) wide and extends north into a broad isthmus linking Africa and Asia. Sinai is bounded on the E by the Gulf of Aqaba and on the W by the Gulf of Suez, which is linked to the ...

Chesney, Francis Rawdon   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... , 1789-1872, British soldier and explorer in Asia. His examination of a route for the Suez Canal (1829) demonstrated the feasibility of building a canal and led the vicomte de Lesseps to undertake the project. In 1835, Chesney commanded an expedition to survey N Syria. He proved the navigability of ...

Ismailia   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... or Al Ismailiyah , city (1986 est. pop. 212,759), capital of Ismailia governorate, NE Egypt. It is the seat of the Suez Canal administration. Extensive irrigation is used for growing fruits and vegetables; livestock is raised. Ismailia was founded in 1863 by Ferdinand de Lesseps , who used it as ...

Hay-Pauncefote Treaties   The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ... , negotiated in 1899 and 1901 by Secretary of State John Hay, for the United States, and Lord Pauncefote of Preston , British ambassador to the United States, for Great Britain, with the object of modifying the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty , concerning the construction of an Isthmian canal in Central ...

Red Sea   World Encyclopedia ... Red Sea Narrow arm of the Indian Ocean between ne Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, connected to the Mediterranean Sea by the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal. With the building of vessels too large for the canal and the construction of pipelines, the Red Sea's importance as a trade route ...

Sinai   World Encyclopedia ... Sinai Peninsula constituting a protectorate of Egypt, bounded by the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal ( w ), the Gulf of Aqaba and the Negev Desert of Israel ( e ), the Mediterranean Sea ( n ), and the Red Sea ( s ). It is a barren plateau region, sandy in the n , rising to granite ridges in the s , ...



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